ABOUT JESSICA    |   I am all about family. My parents are Gil and Karen Mendoza. I have a brother and two sisters who mean the world to me. I love it when we all get together after months of not seeing one another and we laugh so hard we cry and our cheeks go numb. That is the best kind of laughter. I love to travel and see the world; different cultures, different languages, different foods, and it always reminds me no matter how different we are as people, we are still very much the same. I love living near the beach, taking a drive when things are crazy and just watching the beauty of the ocean with my toes in the sand. I love taking hikes so deep into nature that I forget we ever had cities. I love watching people smile, when they really mean it and are truly happy, even if it is just for that moment. I love the look in a child’s eyes when you have made a slight difference in their life. I want to make more children smile. Staying inside too much makes me crazy. Drinking caffeine makes me even crazier. I am addicted to my Blackberry and have even had interventions from my friends. I like to watch movies over TV shows or sports. I am a sucker for romantic comedies. I love history. I love learning. There are so many beautiful things to learn about. My favorite foods are my dad’s chorizo goulash, my mom’s tamale’s, and fresh fish. I was mean to my sister when we were little. Hate and wars make me sad but softball and teammates make me happy. There is no better feeling than being married to your best friend … and there is no bigger love than being a mom for the first time =)

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